English lessons in Lausanne

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Shakespeare’s language guarantees effective communication with your international customers and colleagues. Our English courses in Lausanne will enhance your professional opportunities and open doors to an international career.

English lessons in Lausanne

English: a major asset

If you want to travel, live abroad or develop your business internationally with ease, our English courses in Lausanne offer you quality learning. Indeed, mastery of English has become indispensable for accessing better career opportunities. It is even required by many companies operating internationally, particularly to create effective marketing and advertising campaigns targeting an international audience, and to communicate confidently with international customers and partners. Our courses are designed to be relevant and applicable to the professional field, while preparing you for the language exams required to enter an English-speaking university course.

English courses Lausanne

Learn English with VOXEA

At VOXEA, we tailor our courses to meet the professional objectives of our learners. Our FlexPlus hybrid learning method, with over fifty years of experience in language education, combines in-person German classes at the school with self-paced learning on an innovative platform.

Our English modules combine direct group interaction with the freedom to learn at your own pace. VOXEA offers its learners measurable and tangible progress, great flexibility for professionals, and native, highly qualified teachers dedicated to the quality of learning in our school.

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the English language, indispensable on the international job market

Your path to international success

Learners are assigned to a class corresponding to their language level to ensure consistent learning and progress. The courses are delivered face-to-face and autonomously via VOXEA’s eVOX platform. Throughout the program, a dedicated teacher provides ongoing support for the learner enrolled in the English course. These regular assessments enable us to measure progress and adjust the learning plan accordingly. At the end of the program, learners receive a certificate attesting to their participation and results. The possibility of taking the
Cambridge English Exams
gives her the key to an international career.

Frequently asked questions

This is a hybrid learning method developed by VOXEA, combining face-to-face lessons with collaborative and autonomous activities via eVOX, an innovative online platform.

The time needed to go from A1 to B2 level in English can vary considerably depending on the frequency of courses, the type of training, the language talent, the time devoted to practice, the learning resources and the number of learners per class.

Learning English opens up new horizons, whatever your age or language level. English is spoken all over the world. It is the mother tongue in many countries and the language of international exchanges. Mastering English is therefore a major asset for advancing in your career, studies, travels and personal life.

Our language school in Lausanne offers tailor-made English courses for adults, with qualified teachers who tailor their teaching to your needs. We welcome our students in modern and comfortable premises for individual lessons or in small groups of homogeneous level.

There are many advantages to learning English:

– Broaden your knowledge: English gives you access to a wealth of information and content in all areas (news, culture, entertainment, etc.). It’s the international language of exchanges and scientific and academic research.

– Improve your professional skills: many jobs now require a command of English. This skill makes you more employable and encourages career development and international mobility.

– To succeed in your studies: a good level of English is a prerequisite for admission to the best foreign courses and universities, or for certain courses in Switzerland. Prepare for standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge English Exams, which validate your language skills with schools.

– Communicating when traveling: English is still the easiest way to communicate abroad. Improving your speaking skills will help you enjoy your travels more, especially in English-speaking countries.

– Open up to new cultures: Language is inseparable from culture. Learning English means better understanding Anglo-Saxon cultures, their history and their values. It enriches your vision of the world.

Thanks to our team of experienced and passionate teachers, you’ll make rapid progress in both written and spoken French. Our tailor-made courses enable you to acquire the vocabulary, grammar, conjugation and pronunciation you need to achieve your goals, whether communicating in English in everyday life or gaining a recognized diploma. Join our school to boost your English!

Our language school in Lausanne also offers French and German courses.

At Voxea, we emphasize the expertise of our teachers to guarantee the success of our students. Our teachers are all experienced professionals, selected for their excellent skills.

Our teachers specialize in teaching adults, adapting their pedagogy to different levels and objectives. Their English courses enable you to make effective progress in speaking.

In addition to their diplomas and their command of English, our teachers have a real ability to listen and adapt to students’ needs. They take all aspects into account: grammar, vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation.

Thanks to the pedagogical and human qualities of our teachers, each course is an enriching experience that guarantees the success of our students!


We’d be delighted to provide you with detailed information tailored to your specific needs.

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