Autonomy and interaction

eVOX, developed by VOXEA, is the ultimate participative learning platform.


Offering webinars, virtual classes and event management, it facilitates collaborative learning through groups, forums and instant chats, in addition to a weekly face-to-face meeting at our premises for oral interaction practice.

Accessible via a mobile app, eVOX guarantees a seamless learning experience, enabling learners to complete activities – whether compulsory or optional – at any time.

Communication is at the heart of this platform: whether by chat for quick exchanges or via comments to share information, or even in the classroom once a week.

Outside class sessions, a dedicated area brings together all VOXEA learners to exchange ideas, play games and even find a learning tandem.

Students can upload documents, participate in forums, record their voice, and much more.

With eVOX, learning becomes interactive, autonomous and centered on social interaction, effectively preparing learners for the real world. This modality combines online and face-to-face collaborative activities.

Join us and discover a new dimension in online education.

What you need to know

  1. **Webinars and Virtual Classes**: Live sessions for real-time interaction with trainers and learners.
  2. **Mobile App**: Access your learning on the move, anytime, anywhere.
  3. **Project Collaboration**: Work as a team on projects, share documents and benefit from collective intelligence.
  4. *Interactive Multimedia Modules**: Rich resources for immersive learning, including videos, quizzes and simulations.
  5. **Rewards and Individualized Follow-up**: Track your progress, reach goals and be rewarded for your achievements.
  6. **Self-study**: Language learning modules to enable you to learn at your own pace.
  7. **Discussions and Forums**: A place to ask questions, share ideas and learn from other learners.
  8. **Chat and Instant Discussion**: Communicate in real time with your peers and teachers for instant clarification.
  9. *Private messaging** Exchange private messages for more personal or confidential discussions.
  10. **VOXEA Learners’ Area**: A place to connect, play, find a learning partner and more.


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Since 1973, VOXEA has developed a high level of expertise in teaching and continuing education, providing learners with an excellent environment and ideal learning conditions.

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VOXEA provides nine meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology. Ideally located in Lausanne, our bright spaces offer an optimal environment for training courses, meetings and workshops.

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