Terms and conditions of sale

General terms and conditions for individual registrations. Not applicable to specific courses for professionals, corporate clients or constituted groups.

These general terms and conditions are subject to revision.

The masculine form used in this text serves as a neutral gender and refers to both men and women. The masculine generic form is used in this text solely to simplify its structure and enhance readability.



The present terms and conditions apply to all services provided by VOXEA SA (courses, accommodation package, external activities, level assessment- and tests) and purchased by the client (“the student”) directly from VOXEA SA.

By paying the whole or part of the amount for VOXEA SA’s services, the client accepts unreservedly the present terms and conditions.



Students must be over 18 to be enrolled in a course.

VOXEA SA however accepts students from the age of 16 In this case a Parental Consent Form must be completed, signed and sent to VOXEA SA by a parent or legal guardian.

A residence permit is required for all international students for stays exceeding three months. A visa is required by the Swiss authorities for some citizenships. VOXEA SA will be pleased to give further information on this.

The details and address of the accommodation selected will be sent to the student at least 2 weeks before the start of the course.



The administrative fees amount to CHF 150.- and include:

  • Analysis of the online placement test and level assessment
  • Student registration
  • Course materials
  • Access to the eVOX e-learning platform during the course + 1 month.



A placement fee of CHF 40 is charged for homestays.



A placement level test is compulsory for all new students. he link of this online test will be sent to you upon receipt of the booking form.

VOXEA SA will review each test and place the student in a class of an adequate level. In case there is some doubt about the student’s ability in oral expression, a 15 min. interview with a teacher will be performed the first day of the course.

Should a student feels he has been placed at, according to him, a too high or too low level, we will recommend that he waits a couple of days until the class has settled. If the student still considers that he is in an unsuitable level, he must inform the teacher, and the head of training will decide whether it is in the student’s interest to be placed in a class at a different level.



The course- and accomodation fees must be paid in full no later than 4 weeks before the course starts. If the booking is made less than 4 weeks before the course starts, the fees are immediately payable. If full payment has not been received by the start date of the course, the student will not be allowed to attend.

For courses lasting more than 12 weeks, 50% of the course and accommodation fees and 100% of all other fees must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the start of the course. If the booking is made less than 4 weeks before the course starts, the aforementioned fees are immediately payable. The balance of the course and accommodation fees is payable no later than 10 working days before the start of the second half of the course.



Cancellations must be made in writing. The period of cancellation applies from the date VOXEA SA receives the written notice of cancellation. Any cancellations due to visa refusals will be at no charge and VOXEA SA will proceed to a full refund excepted the administration fee and any courier charge which might have occurred.

Cancellation and penalties due

  • More than 4 weeks’ notice: Administration fee and accommodation placement fee.
  • 2 to 4 weeks’ notice: Administration and accommodation placement fee, as well as one week accommodation fee plus any other non-course fees
  • 1 to less than 2 weeks’ notice: 50% of total invoice amount
  • Less than 7 days’ notice: no refund

Reservations for hotels and student residences may be subject to a different cancellation policy, which will be indicated at the time of booking.

Student withdrawal

In the event of withdrawal, the costs of additional services (airport transfers, administrative fee, accommodation placement fee, program supplement costs, excursions, etc.) are not refundable.

Course fee :

Refunds will be calculated according to the percentage of the course completed:

  • 0 -19% of program completed: 70% refund of unused course fees
  • 20-39% of program completed: 50% refund of unused course fees
  • 40-59% or more of program completed:30% refund of unused course fees
  • 60% or more of program completed: no refund of course fees

Accommodation fee:

  • 0 – 59% of the stay completed: the week started and an additional week of accommodation will be retained
  • 60% or more of completed stay, no refund.


All course and accommodation fees are calculated in full weeks, and no refunds are granted for partial weeks. There are no refunds for days when schools are closed due to holidays or other unforeseen events.

Depending on the course, a minimum number of students is required to open and run a class. If the minimum number of students is not reached, VOXEA SA reserves the right, considering the small group size, to reduce the number of lessons for the same price. Students are not eligible for any compensation for inconveniences or other damages incurred.



The student commits to following the Students Code of Conduct during his stay at VOXEA SA.

If the student misbehaves or acts with malicious intent to the extent that it significantly disrupts the provision of services (courses, accommodation, leisure activities) or harms the reputation of VOXEA SA, he will be immediately expelled without prior notice or refund.



VOXEA SA reserves the right to replace a trainer or alternate with another for a specified or unspecified period. Students many not claim damages due to a change of teacher.



VOXEA SA disclaims all responsibility in the event of theft, damage, or loss of property on its premises. All students are required to verify their private health and accident insurance coverage, as well as their liability insurance, before the start of the course.



All complaints should be addressed to our administrative department. The management will process them, and if they are justified, will take the necessary measures within a reasonable timeframe.



VOXEA SA reserves the right to photograph or record video sequences of students or use their written comments for promotional purposes, both in print and online. Any student who does not wish to participate must inform us at the time of booking and declare his desire not to participate at the time of the photo shoot or video recording.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the student (and his parent/legal representative if he is under 18 years old) consents to the use of these photographs or video sequences without further consent or notification.



These terms and conditions and any disputes arising therefrom shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law. The courts of Lausanne (Switzerland) have exclusive jurisdiction.


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