French courses in Lausanne

A global reach

The official language of the United Nations and the European Union, the language of Molière opens the doors to the world. Learn French with Voxea and immerse yourself in the cultural world of French-speaking Switzerland.

French courses in Lausanne

French: a cultural bridge

French is spoken by around 300 million people worldwide, on every continent, making it the fifth most widely spoken language in the world and the second most widely learned language after English. Its mastery opens the doors to various professional fields and gives you access to the immense richness of French culture.

VOXEA offers you an interactive and flexible learning experience with its French courses in Lausanne. Intensive training, supported by the advanced technology of the eVOX platform and experienced teaching, allows you to make rapid progress. Enjoy personalized attention in a total immersion environment, with regular assessments, all in the heart of Lausanne.

French courses Lausanne

Learn French with VOXEA

At VOXEA, we tailor our training programs so that they are relevant and immediately applicable in a professional setting. Our FlexPlus hybrid learning method, the fruit of over fifty years’ expertise in language teaching, combines face-to-face French courses at our school with independent learning via an innovative platform.

French courses cleverly combine direct group interaction with the freedom to learn at your own pace. VOXEA offers its learners measurable, tangible progress, great flexibility for professionals, and highly qualified native instructors committed to the quality of teaching at our institute.


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French course in Lausanne

Beyond words

VOXEA adopts an integrated teaching method, combining face-to-face lessons, online learning, and independent practice. Learners also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of Lausanne in the canton of Vaud, enriching their learning experience.
Following a precise assessment of language level, learners can choose between face-to-face or hybrid courses, in small groups and via the eVOX platform. Personalized coaching and regular assessments, with the support of a dedicated teacher, guarantee quality learning.
At the end of the program, students receive a certificate of participation and results, with the option of taking an exam if their acquired level permits. Our courses focus specifically on written and oral comprehension and expression, as assessed in the DELF, DALF, TEF and TCF exams.

Frequently asked questions

This face-to-face course includes 20 standard class periods and 10 additional afternoon periods for intensive language practice. It is aimed at people who want to speak and understand French, so they can quickly integrate into a French-speaking environment. It is not suitable for beginners.

Students must be over 18 to register. However, VOXEA accepts students aged 16 and over with parental consent.

Yes, VOXEA offers a language stay including courses, half-board accommodation and activities in Lausanne.

Our school offers you personalized French courses, adapted to your initial level and your learning objectives. Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to expand your knowledge, our adult training courses are designed to meet your needs. Our qualified teachers create tailor-made conversation courses to help you become more fluent. They also work with you on grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, written comprehension and expression through motivating activities.

Learning French at Voxea has many advantages:

In everyday life

  • Simplify your administrative procedures
  • Easier access to services and information
  • Travelling independently

In the professional sphere

Preparing to live or work in French-speaking Switzerland

  • Easier integration into society
  • Understanding how institutions work
  • Interact in French without difficulty

Obtain a diploma or official certification (DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF)

Whatever your specific needs, our experienced teaching team provides personalized support for its students. We take into account your profile and your objectives to design tailor-made French courses that guarantee your success.

Our language school in Lausanne also offers English and German courses.


We’d be delighted to provide you with detailed information tailored to your specific needs.

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