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Learn the art of public speaking with VOXEA. Gain clarity and discover concrete tools to communicate your ideas effectively, with confidence and leadership.

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public speaking training

Perfecting your speaking skills

Versatile and customizable, the Public Speaking training course prepares you for the art of speaking at conferences and meetings, improves your communication skills, helps you manage anxiety, and hones your presentation techniques.

It’s an invaluable tool for acquiring a clear, confident expression that captures the audience’s attention. This course proves beneficial in a variety of situations, from job interviews to academic competitions and marketing presentations.

Knowing how to speak in public is an essential part of your assertiveness and leadership skills. Our training gives managers and future leaders the ability to express their ideas clearly and persuasively.

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Strengthen your oratory skills

Our experienced trainer offers concrete tools for navigating various speaking scenarios. Anxiety management is central, ensuring confidence and serenity. Enjoy rich, diverse content in a caring environment, with maximum flexibility and continuous feedback to strengthen your public speaking skills.

The emphasis is on encouragement and positive reinforcement, ensuring that every participant feels supported and valued. Our training process is designed to offer a coherent, progressive learning path tailored to the needs of each participant, equipping them with all the skills and techniques they need to become confident and effective public speakers in all circumstances.

Learning to speak in public


Treat yourself to a significant improvement in your public speaking skills, greater self-confidence and a better ability to communicate your ideas effectively on a daily basis.

public speaking

From Theory to Practice

The training consists of theoretical modules, practical workshops and real-life situations. The content and practical exercises are tailored to the specific objectives of the participants. The first theoretical phase covers the fundamentals of effective communication, non-verbal language, managing stage fright and structuring an effective speech.

The knowledge acquired is put into practice in interactive workshops, inviting participants to prepare and present speeches based on realistic public speaking scenarios. At the end of the course, an individual assessment is carried out to summarize what has been learned and draw up an action plan to encourage ongoing development. In the canton of Vaud, in French-speaking Switzerland and throughout Switzerland, this training course will help anyone to speak in public with ease throughout their life and career.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the training includes practical exercises to give you the opportunity to practice and receive constructive feedback.

The course is mainly given in French, but can be adapted to English on request.

Yes, non-verbal communication techniques are also covered during training.

Yes, it is possible to organize this training at your company.

Speaking confidently and charismatically in public is a valuable skill, both personally and professionally. That’s why taking courses in public speaking can help you feel more at ease in many situations.

Workshops with experienced trainers are designed to help each individual improve his or her public speaking skills. You’ll benefit from personalized follow-up through one-to-one coaching. Interactive sessions focus on practical application through role-playing and simulations.

Thanks to this dynamic approach, public speaking courses help :

  • Master verbal and non-verbal communication (gestures, voice, etc.)
  • Manage stress to speak with ease in front of an audience or assembly
  • Structure your message and capture attention from the very first lines
  • Adapt to the context and interact with your audience
  • Developing charisma and leadership

This type of training can be used in a variety of situations where oral fluency is required:

  • Presentations and speeches at professional meetings
  • Hosting sessions and conferences
  • Customer and commercial relations
  • Team supervision, management
  • Speaking out in the media

Each session benefits from the experience of professionals to ensure a comprehensive approach. Join us for a module tailored to your objectives, or take part in one of our sessions! A personal coach provides individual follow-up between each workshop to help you put what you’ve learned into practice.


We’d be delighted to provide you with detailed information tailored to your specific needs.

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