The teaching

Teaching for development. 

VOXEA has been developing appropriate set of courses as to enable the acquisition of new linguistic skills which opens the mind to the world and enriches your personal and professional life.

Technical training courses such as computing open up opportunities for specialization essential to employees of companies. VOXEA develops programs which lead to personal fulfillment in diverse technical domains.

The learner's training starts with an evaluation of his initial proficiency. This allows the educational counsellor to establish the contents and duration of the the course with the learner, according to his or her needs, profession and availability. The objectives are thus reached faster and the skills are acquired in a permanent way.

Developing initial expertise through a personal development training course changes self-perception and lets you thrive. VOXEA offers a wide range of courses in personal development to private and corporate learners, as well as private and public institutions who wish to develop their skills.