eVOX: An effective complement to learning French

eVOX, an e-learning platform, specially designed for levels A1 to B2.
A true interactive tool that combines sound, videos, images and texts, it extends lessons and helps learners achieve their goals faster.
A wide selection of activities makes it possible to work on written expression as well as written and oral comprehension. Performed independently by the learners, the exercises are then corrected by the trainers, who monitor their progress. Participants and trainers can also exchange via a messaging system.
Thanks to their personal access and an internet connection, learners study anytime, anywhere, from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
The objectives of the eVOX e-learning platform are to adapt to market developments and especially to offer VOXEA learners, through blended learning, an optimal and efficient learning method that
  • favors interactivity,
  • optimizes the learning time and time to reach one's goals,
  • multiplies the learning channels,
  • Empowers learners by introducing personal work sequences.