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Continuous training is an essential element of business strategy

It has 3 major advantages:

  • It increases the productivity and competitiveness of the company,
  • It is a great way to motivate and retain staff,
  • It is a great tool for the image of the company.

It is a major asset for the company to remain competitive and with motivated staff. Swiss companies know that, according to a study by the Federal Statistical Office, more than 80% of them encourage continuous training actions for their employees.

For employees, continuous training represents a huge added value. Beyond the evolution of their knowledge and know-how, it is a means:

  • Adapting to changes in their professional field and keep their jobs,
  • Increasing their value in the labour market,
  • Gaining confidence and motivation.

In keeping with its original know-how, VOXEA has developed a continuous training offer that meets specific needs and characteristics:

  • Personalized training and à la carte,
  • A fun and collaborative training,
  • Performance-oriented training,
  • Fast and sustainable results.

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