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Communication on social networks


Institutional communication: mastering social networks

Social networks allow you to communicate about your company, your services and your products or the life of your municipality: news, projects, not to mention your events. Content sharing, managed in a consistent and applied way, will strengthen your image, generate commitment and thus increase your awareness.
This training in digital communication strategy proposes to appropriate these communication tools as part of a digital strategy.
Define your digital communication strategy
  • Analysis of the current situation and definition of purpose on social networks
  • Definition of target audiences, as well as "persona" with whom to interact
  • Reflection on the channels to be used and their utility value
  • Reflection on key communication themes and messages
  • Defining a content strategy using an editorial calendar
Optimize your communication by taking into account the particularities of each network
  • Which media and social networks for which purposes?
  • Evaluate the added value of social networks in your communication strategy
  • Define your goals: communicate around the brand or an action, generate buzz, build partnerships
  • Choose the tone and form of your communication to manage a minimum presence on social networks


  • Understand the challenges of integrating social networks into your communication strategy.
  • Understand the specificities of social media.
  • Understand the fundamentals of institutional or commercial speaking through social networks.
  • Evaluate the relevance of the different channels to the communication objectives through the content you want to publish
  • Plan and deploy a comprehensive social networking strategy
  • Position yourself as an interlocutor in working with external partners and consultants


The training is composed of theoretical contributions and exercises defined in coherence with the context and objectives of the client:

  • An active and participatory pedagogy.
  • Inclusion technique that promotes the sharing of know-how, assets and challenges of each participant in the training.
  • Provision of knowledge in the form of presentations and analysis of real cases.
  • Thoughts and advice on thematic topics related to your activity
  • Hands-on and interactive simulation


Executive Assistant, Sales or Marketing Manager, Production Manager or any person involved in corporate development, in the associative life or in the communal life.


2 days



Additional information:

  • This training is best done using your own laptop and mobile phone
  • This training is provided in French and upon request, in English.
  • Delivered at the end of the training:
    • Training Certificate
    • Summary Document