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fide language assessment - Oral


The language passport certifies the oral and written skills of its holder in the three national languages: French, German and Italian. It is drawn up by the fide Secretariat on behalf of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) and exists in two formats: A4 format and ID format.
  1. Participate in the fide language assessment
  2. Present a recognized language certificate to the fide Secretariat
  3. Submit a B1 validation file
Fide language assessment
Following its completion, the participants receive a language passport indicating the level reached in the oral and written parts. Only levels A1-B1 can be attested by the fide language assessment.
The fide language assessment is divided into two parts: "Speaking and Understanding" and "Reading and Writing".
Oral and written skills are assessed separately and can take place on two different days during the same week.
It is possible to take only one part of the assessment or both.
Assessment session,oral part: Wednesday afternoon until early evening and Saturday morning.
Price: Oral part: CHF 170.- (40 minutes)
Registration and information: 021 627 70 70 or info@voxea.com
During your evaluation session, do not forget to bring an ID.

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+ 16 years old