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Excel course


The purpose of this course is to provide concrete help to use Excel more efficiently. The topics covered can be those proposed or be entirely personalized, according to the needs of the participants. The course takes place on a half-day or a whole day, according to the cases, at VOXEA or at your company.


  • Optimize your use of Excel software
  • Optimize the time spent on your documents
  • Increase your creativity and the quality of your documents                


Because it is based on the principles of reverse pedagogy, the proposed approach addresses the specific needs of participants. Because it relies on a direct application on their documents, it specifically targets the difficulties they encounter in using this software.

Example of themes 

Theme 1: Automatic calculations

  • Les calculs et les opérations
  • Les références
  • Les listes personnalisées

Theme 2: The tables

  • The data entry on several spreadsheets at the same time
  • Calculations between spreadsheets
  • Calculations between worksheets

Theme 3: The "if" function

  • The IF function
  • Nested IFs
  • The functions SUMIF and COUNTIF


Through a varied and comprehensive workbook on the spreadsheet and according to the participant's definition of questions, presentation and demonstration in practice by the teacher and put into practice by the participants.


Lors de l'inscription, il sera demandé à chaque participant quels sont ses objectifs pour l'atelier afin de permettre à l’enseignant de de choisir et préparer au mieux les thèmes et exercices appropriés.



5 to 10

For who ?

Upper management, corporate executives and individuals


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