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Evening course - French for living and working - B1/B2


Are you living in a French-speaking region for some time, but the language still sometimes prevents you from fully enjoying your social environment? Have you been hired by a French-speaking company and want to boost your performance in this language? Are you preparing for an internship in French-speaking Switzerland or in France? Do you have clients who speak French and would it be an asset for you to be able to converse with them more easily? Do you simply want to improve your French skills in order to have less superficial exchanges with the people you meet?
This course meets your needs exactly and offers you through its action-oriented approach to quickly strengthen your communicative skills: whether in the private or professional field, you will understand better and express yourself more easily in a large number of situations.

Tuesday & Thursday

From 18:30 to 20:00

10-week course - Module of 4 lessons per week


5 to 12 participants

For who ?

+ 16 years old


Understand better and express yourself more easily in a large number of situations