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Press Releases: The Media Relations Reference Tool!
The press release must be relevant and structured to capture the attention, interest and buy-in of journalists and their audience, in order to be relayed.
This training applies the techniques of the essential message, the prioritization of information and reading levels and will be a relevant and profitable investment if you are looking for visibility to develop your awareness.
Understand the differences in objectives and instruments between institutional and commercial communication
  • Identify media targets and link to objectives
  • Understand the purpose of the press release
  • Set the right focus and content to capture attention: don’t mix press and commercial communication
Effectively write a press release
  • Determine an angle
  • Find an informative and/or incentive title
  • Use informative writing
  • Write accurately: be short, precise, concise
  • Choose words, build sentences, use punctuation
  • Structure your press release
  • Respect the standard presentation: articulation and architecture of the press release
  • Identify the content of the essential message
  • Rewrite press releases
  • Adapt your press releases to the distribution methods: paper or web
  • Issue a press release on the web.
  • The information necessary for the journalist’s treatment
Master the differences between the press release and the press conference 
  • Place of press release and press conference among media relations tools  
  • How journalists work
  • Fluency in press release writing techniques
  • Develop and structure a press release
  • Be synthetic while delivering the essential message
  • Contextualization
  • Case studies and writing exercise to learn how to highlight information of interest to journalists
  • Analysis of press releases and press kits (selected by the speaker or sent by the participants)
  • Active and participatory pedagogy alternating lectures and practical exercises (each participant works on his project). 
Anyone in contact with journalists and anyone required to write a press release
2 days
  • Mastering the fundamentals of communication
  • Writing skills
  • Have a press relations practice or have completed the "Media Relations Management" training
Documents issued at the end of training:
  • Training Certification Certificate
  • Summary Document

Additional information:

This training is provided in French and upon request, in English