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The keys to good media relations management adapted to small businesses and public authorities
Communicating with the media has become an unavoidable imperative for all businesses and communities, and not just for the largest of them. This training will give you the keys to design a real communication while taking into account your human and financial resources limitations.
Understanding media relations in a global way
  • Integrate media into your communication campaign
  • Develop knowledge of the relational process with journalists
  • Know the tools to use in your media relations
  • Understand and integrate new media into your communication 
Know the communication mechanisms specific to traditional and digital media
  • Adapt your approaches to the specificities of the media: print media, radio, television, internet.
  • Integrate digital issues into the press relations strategy.
  • Use dedicated tools and know how to adapt them according to the communication support
  • Know the different external target audiences
  • Define and select appropriate tools and measures in media relations
  • Write professionally to gain media attention
  • Understand the importance of factual vs. commercial communication
  • Analyze and assess the differences and relevance of sending a press release vs. organizing a press conference
  • Organize a press conference with all the essential elements for its smooth running


The training is composed of theoretical contributions and exercises defined in coherence with the context and objectives of the client:

  • An active and participatory pedagogy
  • Inclusion technique promoting the sharing of know-how, assets and issues of each participant in the training
  • Provision of knowledge in the form of presentations and analysis of real cases.
  • Preparation of messages based on thematic topics related to your activity
  • Practical and interactive simulation


This training is intended for small businesses and communities whose size does not allow the maintenance of a department dedicated to institutional communication.


1 day



Documents issued at the end of training:
  • Training Certification Certificate
  • Summary Document

Additional information:

This training is provided in French and upon request, in English